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We are a Pittsburgh based creative agency focused on delivering the best multimedia and content possible in today’s industry. With us you can be sure your project needs are planned and delivered by professionals who understand and work directly in their respective fields. Do you prefer to talk with the guys who actually make your projects work? We have got you covered.
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We love to code from the ground up.
We are experts in PHP, CSS, HTML, and JS. We can customize and build in nearly any CMS platform.

We fill two roles as programmers and we fill them well:
1: Convert design files from an agency into final products.
2: Speak with you directly about your needs.

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We love to produce intelligent content.
Our in house writers are as comfortable and effective in writing about public companies as they are with writing about a local business.

Two key roles of our content creators include:
1: Adequate, factual research and writing.
2: Publication to reach your audience with a focus on SEO and/or readership value.

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We love visuals and interactivity.
We are dedicated to delivering rich interactive experiances for users. We have official developer statuses in good standing and can help you publish your app under your own name.

We fill two roles as multimedia developers and we fill them well:
1: Work to white label apps and media under your Agency name.
2: Work with clients directly to produce a final product.

» Call 412.725.7354 for a free 1hr consult

We love collaboration with agencies & individuals.
We have working relationships with clients in an NDA environment. We strive to help you protect your idea, refine it, and bring it to life.

We explore multiple avenues of development for your idea and conduct due diligence accordingly.

» Call 412.657.1801 for a free 1hr consult

Special offers and affordable packages are available for Artists, Small businesses, and Agencies!

Redfish + Ideas

Redfish+ Ideas

Problems to Solve

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We should not forget that the design, development, creativity, and implementation of our tools…

All digital platforms are essential

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The internet, social media, and now smart mobile devices have reshaped how we live…

Print is still important.

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Despite the proliferation of the internet, social media, e-mail advertising, and texting…

The Human Touch

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Technology, creativity, and the media have their limits…

Here we are!

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Affordable website packages.
As close as it gets to professional multimedia in a box!

We are working on a series of affordable packages! Call us 412.725.7354 to learn more!

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