Just like cars, awesome websites need awesome maintenance & security plans.
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Redfish Creative - Monthly Maintenance Description.

Website vandalism is just as popular as social networking on the internet today.

Many website owners are faced with the difficult task of constantly updating their website core system and server only to find that after doing so, things may not work properly, or in some cases are faced with a crash.

Other times your website might need what appears to be simple updates, but finding where to make the change could be elusive. It may be deep in the code, or buried somewhere in a server configuration file.

At Redfish Creative we offer monthly maintenance packages. Our team of tried and true developers provide website support, maintenance, backups, system updates, hacking insurance, security, and improvements or changes.

Yep, we got that covered

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Redfish Creative Maintenance plans vary, please click a service to read more.

We remember in 2008 when the largest dedicated server provider in the world in Houston named "the planet" caught fire, and we were there to support our clients who hosted there. Supported clients were up and running in about 24 hours (the time it took to get a new hosting account and do a DNS change) for clients who we store backups OFF of the main hosting account.

Details: Tier 3/4/5 include OFF SITE backups. If your data and website need to be protected above and beyond Tier 1/2 make sure to choose an appropriate plan.

Why is it only covered 75% of the time? Its simple, there are some things we can not anticipate (for example, if both the data center in Houston and a major ISP caught fire the same day, lets say a comet hit them both there would be very little we could do), most companies call these "acts of god" and 75% of the time we can plan for them, alas, there are some things that can not be planned for. About 25% of the time when one of these "acts of god" does happen the entire website might need to be rebuilt and even then you can bet we would make sure you get a giant discount.

We have been doing this for a long time and understand sometimes you just cannot resist the urge to try to update something yourself. It might be curiosity, or perhaps in the middle of making an important update, the dog ran under your desk and in the chaos that ensued, you clicked on "delete" instead of "save" (true story). Perhaps your assistant did it, or the intern, who knows?

Details: Tier 3/4/5 include quick fixes and quick restorations. If you like to tinker with your own website or have multiple people in your organization who make changes please choose an appropriate plan.

Why is it only covered 80% of the time? There are some things you can delete that can take us a while to put back if we do not know what happened. Most of the time we can simply take a look, change a few settings, or upload a missing file and like magic the site is back up. On occasion we just keep it simple and do a full backup restore. About 20% of the time we go over the allotted hours for tinkering, in which case we still can fix it but we charge for labor (its not much usually only an hour or two).

If you have had a website for more than 1 year and have not been hacked you are either lucky, or have one of our plans already. Hacking does happen. We suppose its a little like graffiti. There seems to be this movement in the world today that's based on random vandalism and the people involved in that kind of thing target everything from freeway signs to websites.

Details: ALL TIERS include Malware, short for malicious (or malevolent) software, code injection and spam removal. When a site is 'blacklisted' there is a warning page that will appear in front of the site telling people its been hacked. We work quickly to remove that notice and get you un-banned.

Why is it only covered 90% of the time? Most of the time we can simply restore to a backup, remove the malware, injections, or spam, and then put in a reconsideration request to have the blacklist warning removed. About 10% of the time we go over the allotted hours for hacking fixes, usually because there are extra things on your server that we did not build such as plugins you may have installed or perhaps you had a freelancer do some work. Thats all fine; you don't have to be loyal to only us, but we will charge for labor if the restoration is greater than the allotted hours available in your plan (don't worry, we send quotes).

Each plan has a select number of hours devoted to fixing things that can go wrong, or updating things that are out of date like the core system or plugins. You ask "What about this image and the text on this page, can you just do that?" Our answer is simple; sure we can! We like to think of the maintenance plan as website insurance. You pay monthly and we are on standby to help. In the event that you have little or no maintenance needs throughout the year, we like to think we take a fair approach and offer you a way to redeem your investment by enabling you to trade in a portion of unused time for changes, upgrades, and consulting.

Details: ALL TIERS include a 3 month roll over. This means that during any 3 month period we will review how much time has been used, add up the remainder of time that is unused and allow you to apply it to new features, changes, new images, text updates, even a free marketing consult!

Why is it only covered 95% of the time? Most of the time our clients take full advantage of every last hour available for every single month for changes. To be honest, we have only ever had 5% of the hours roll over in a 3 month period. This tells us we gauge our plans accurately for our clients needs. The maximum rollover is three times the monthly allowed maintenance. On top of that there are discounts for new projects and additional items such as a new contact form, additional pages, image galleries, social media integration, salesforce, payment gateways, just about anything you can think of!

Just like a car, every CMS system (Content Management System) and every server is dependent on smooth running mechanisms. These systems can be hacked in to on a regular basis if they are not updated. Consider release numbers such as 2.0.0 (major), and minor versions like 2.1.825 ( perhaps a subversion with a small security patch) as examples.

Over time new updates are released and these updates usually prevent additional hacking, as well as open up new exciting features for your website and server to run better, faster, and be better protected. 

Details: ALL TIERS include basic CMS updates. This means that when a supported CMS system or server changes we will get under that hood and keep it up to date.

Why is it only covered 99% of the time? Perhaps you have heard of the 99.9% uptime promise that hosting companies offer? That means that 0.1% of the time the server will be down. For us the 99% coverage aggrement means that 1% of the time after updating your website to the most recent version something might not work properly, and in that case we will simply offer to fix it if the update takes longer than the allotted hours. This is rarely a problem for Tiers 3/4/5 because there is plenty of time included. We never run an update on a live server and always use a staging ground to test the update on tiers 3/4/5. (Tiers 1 and 2 do not include this type of extended update coverage)

Q: What exactly am I getting?
A: A service where professional webmasters, coders, and designers work to secure your website, update it, change it, fix it, improve it, back it up, and restore it if it has been vandalized.

Q: What about marketing, SEO, and consults?
A: Sure thing, that would fit into the alloted time (if you go over that time you can still get the discount too!). Packages are set up to allow you to spend time asking questions about advertising, e-commerce, forms, mobile phones, QR codes, online contests, even consulting for best use of social media.

Q: How are payments made?
A: Payments are made through an automated monthly billing agreement via Paypal.
You can cancel, upgrade, or renew at any time.

Q: What are allotted hours?
A: The amount of time included with your plan that you are not charged extra for to perform any of the services listed above. If you go over the allotted time, there is a discount on the hourly rate for up to 10 hours (each discount varies).

Q: What if you did not build my site?
A: Thats ok, we can still cover it as long as it conforms to our supported systems list. Many times we can also support custom software not on the list, call us and we will take a look!

Q: What if I need something new outside my CMS system, or additional?
A: Anything outside your existing site, CMS, or domain that is over the alloted hours can be added! We simply ask you to approve the quote and make a 50% deposit to begin work. (Also applies to rush delivery)

Q: What about old browsers like IE 7?
A: We can write patches for new browser releases, even if you have a website that never worked in some older browser like IE 7. You can always let your time roll over, build up, or request an upgrade and we will do our best to patch it.

Q: What are your hours, average turn time?
A: We respond to emergency phone calls within a few hours, we operate 24x7 so you can call any time. Our average turn around time is 3 to 12 hours for rush delivery (fees apply), 24 to 48 hours on standard requests, and 3 to 5 days on discounted project changes within the allotted time.

Q: What if you can't fix it?
A: To date, we've been able to fix all that has come our way. In the event we can not fix something, we offer to rebuild it (received as a new project quote) and you are not charged for the hours involved in the fix attempt.

Q: What do the percentages in coverage mean?
A: The % listed next to each service type is based on how often the item is covered by your included hours or does not require a new project quote. For example consider our Update service, lets say you are using a CMS like WordPress or Joomla and they release a major update, after updating your system we find out that your image gallery does not work anymore, we would go in and fix it for you for no additional charge provided the time to fix was within your allowed time for your service tier.

Q: What happens if I go over the alloted hours?
A: We will send you a quote or estimate in all cases, you are never billed for additional work unless you approve. When the alloted hours are exhausted we simply quote and bill at the normal rate.

Discounted hourly rate: for hours over the allotted time that are included in a maintenance package- 7 to 10 days (email, ticket, PM software)

Maintenance Included Rate: For hours Included within a maintenance package- 3 to 5 days (email, ticket, PM software)

Normal Delivery Rate: Priced at full hourly rate- 24 to 48 hours, not covered in maintenance. (Requires phone call and project approval)

Rush Delivery Rate: average turn around time is 3 to 12 hours
(Requires phone call, based on availability, fees apply, call for a rush delivery request).

Service Pricing

Support is $125.00 per hour after included maintenance limit. Discounted hourly rate is limited based on Tier selected. Max rollover is based on a 3 month period with no incident or request.

Each month will be auto billed via PayPal. Purchasing is an agreement to terms and conditions.

paypal verified

Paypal accepts all major credit cards, if you do not want to use paypal please Contact us for arrangements.

Tier 1
  • Limited warranty
  • 1 hr (included)
  • 5% off on 2 hr
  • 2 hr (max rollover)
  • no backups
  • one site only

$75 mo

Tier 2
  • Limited warranty, cleanup & support.
  • 2 hr (included)
  • 10% off on 4 hr
  • 4 hr (max rollover)
  • partial backups
  • one site only

$175 mo

Tier 3
  • Basic warranty, cleanup,
    support & training.
  • 3 hr (included)
  • 15% off on 6 hr
  • 6 hr (max rollover)
  • full backups
  • with demo server

$350 mo

Tier 4
  • Creative & Consulting Services
  • Minimum of 5 Hrs service
  • Overage hourly rate
    billed at $125
  • No rollover time

$400 mo

Tier 5
  • Creative & Consulting Services
  • Minimum of 8 Hrs service
  • Overage hourly rate
    billed at $110
  • No rollover time

$500 mo

24x7 support.

For standard requests please contact support@redfishcreative.com

Contact Support

Need a custom plan? Please contact accounts@redfishcreative.com

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For an emergency or rush delivery request call us

Supported systems and software:
supported supported supported supported supported

We are familiar with:
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Note: We are familiar with the companies, services, systems, and software listed above. In some cases we may discover problems related to the combination of systems and hosting and may ask you to consider switching.
We reserve the right to refuse support related to major incompatability issues. (see: terms and conditions)

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